Boarding at Cedar Ridge

Send your dog on his/her own vacation. They get to play all day, rest up comfortably & safely at night to get up and have FUN all over again the next day!


We are located on Mays Rd 2 mins from the highway for easy access. We have 6 foot high fenced pens, 1/2 acre in size each. Inside new, large kennels at night.

If you’re going away – don’t send your dog to a “kennel” – send them on their own vacation! We believe dogs need to run and play, not sit in a cage all day! Dogs are only in their safe kennel space at night. Give your dog an exciting, stimulating vacation.

Boarding & Daycare

Cedar Ridge is located in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, Duncan, BC on 27 stunning acres. Cedar Ridge is one of the only facilities in the Cowichan Valley where dogs can be outside running and playing in an open play setting on acreage. We believe dogs should not spend their days locked up. Our dogs enjoy a property filled with large Cedar trees, Fir trees, pasture, playhouses & fun obstacles. Each dog is fed and sleeps in their own area where they are able to see their friends. We place each dog near a dog they liked during the day. The dogs are tired from a day of playing and sleep quietly with their friends around them.

Our dogs spend most of their day in one of our 4 play yards. We divide dogs by size, play styles and energy level. Dogs must be well socialized to be in this environment. All dogs require TWO trials prior to boarding to view temperament and allow your dog to feel comfortable prior to your vacation. This starts with a 1 hour trial and then for boarding a 24 hour trial if they show nice doggie etiquette during the 1 hour trial. We make every effort to work with doggie parents on problem behaviours if we can. Please ask us how we can help your pooch integrate well into our setting.

Our dogs are our best testimonials. Most dogs know they are coming to play as soon as their owner’s turn onto Mays Rd. You will be amazed to see how excited your dog will be when he comes back again and again to Cedar Ridge. Your dog will have his own vacation or “second home”!

To see photos of the Kennels check out the Facility page.

For Hours and Boarding Requirements check out the FAQ page.

If your pup sounds like he does not meet the social etiquette requirements please see our TRAINING PAGE

Our facility consists of 1/2 acre pens (half grass, half forest) for the dogs to run in together nestled on 27 beautiful acres. The ratio is generally 10-15 dogs per 18,000 sq ft. Most dogs think this is a great big dog park! No cement pads with rows of barking dogs.

The dogs are outside in the large pens during the day, come in at dinner time for dinner amp; a rest, then out at bedtime for a romp amp; potty time, back in all night for bed.

The Little Guys

Small dogs have their own areas unless they normally play with large dogs and may do so with owner’s permission.


  • A 1 hour trial AND an Overnight trial BEFORE boarding your dog-we will assess your dog for temperment with people, other dogs amp; their behaviour in a kennel.
  • *The trial is in NO way a guarantee that you can book your dog in when you go away-your dog must PASS first. We do not tolerate any problem behaviours and will be picky on who we take (we will, however, work with you amp; your dog if you are willing to work on the dog’s behaviour), as it is for the welfare of everyone staying at Cedar Ridge. PLEASE BOOK THE TRIAL FAR IN ADVANCE!*
  • Shots up to date (DHLPP amp; Bordetella-”kennel cough”) Please vaccinate with Bordatella (prefer the Intranasal) at least 5 days prior to stay. We gladly except Titre Tests if your dog can not be vaccinated or you prefer holistic methods.
  • Deworming done regularly. We will also except if your dog is dewormed herbally (you must present us with the brand of herbal dewormer)
  • Your dog MUST be neutered or spayed, unless they are less than 6 months of age.
  • Be free of parasites, worms, fleas, mites amp; any other contagious aliment (such as an eye infection)
  • Due to bad experiences and the nature of the breeds we will no longer be accepting Huskies, Malamutes or Akitas.
  • If your dog is aggressive, we will recommend training with us or otherwise before boarding. Most aggression cases can be solved with the proper training and consistency in the dog’s life. Due to our open play style set up with NO kennel runs we can not accept aggressive or poor social skills. Your dog must be well socialized with experience and/or comfortable with dogs in a pack-like setting.
  • Your dog should respond to the command “Come” or “Come here” or his/her name or warmly respond to strange people.
  • Your dog must be relatively obedient and free of major problem behaviors (for example: non-stop barking, chewing, digging, fence climber, fence jumper etc). We provide a safe, fun environment for well mannered, socialized dogs. We are very selective. Not every dog is suitable for daycare and we don’t take any chances. If we have any doubts about a dog’s suitability, we will turn them away or help you with a SLOW integration and/or training. We also go for quality, not quantity. Our goal is not to fit as many dogs into daycare/boarding as we possibly can. Instead, we want the atmosphere to be relaxed, positive and pleasant for all our guests!